New Player Guide

Selecting Classes

Each class has different abilities that cater to a unique play style. New classes will be periodically released! To help you choose a class check out the Classes page.

Tips for Controls

Use righth Click or arrow keys to move around. You can left click to select enemies or press tab to target ones nearby. Middle mouse button makes you auto run and esc brings up the menu, Skill button 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Tips for Quests

You can accept multiple quest but only tack one at a time. The tracked quest appears in the top right corner. From the Quest Log menu you can select which quest to track.

Welcome to Battleon

Battleon is the main town you will visit between your adventures. Here you can get quests, weapons, pets, haircuts and much more.

Item Rarity

Poor Quality (Grey)

Common Quality (White)

Uncommon Quality (Green

Rare Quality (Blue)

Epic Quality (Purple)

Legendary Quality (Orange)