What is KingQuestWorlds?

Real Time Combat

No need to wait your turn. Make combat decisions on the fly. Combo skills and make every second count!

Ever Expanding World

Explore the lively lands of "Lore" which are always expanding with new exciting environments!

Random Events

You never know when or what may happen in the world of "Lore". Dragons could swoop down, the undead may rise, or there could be an Easter egg hunt.

Summon Friends

Teleport friends to your location and sidekick their level to yours! Now you can raid a dungeon together!

Chat & Emotes

Do a /victory emote when you slay the dungeon boss. Use /theforce to levitate your weapon or just /chilout under a tree. There's a ton of emotes for you to use.


Do you want a Dricken or Moglin for a pet? We are currently trying to catch them. When we hoard enough critters they will be available in the Battleon Pet Shop. Don't forget to feed them!

Player Houses

Hangout with friends in your personalized sweet pad. For now they are under construction.


Join or create the ultimate guild. Private guild chats, banners, capes and guild halls are ambitions we hope to make reality.

New Classes

New classes are always in development and will be released periodically. We plan to have several dozen to choose from!


change objects and elements, gold, coins and negotiate with the trading system.

Guild Color

Change color to the Guild with a quantity of coin from the game.


Can revive your features with this system and choose more coins, gold items, space, etc.