uzumaki's Character Page




Skull Legion Cape
Dragon Phantasm
(Danger)Kaggy Cape
Royal Eternal Flame
Formal Eternal Flame
Rev (Cape)
DragonKing Warrior's Sheathed Blade
Dragonking Warrior's Wings
Chevalier Wings
Bonechilling Shadows Wrap
Creeper PumpkinLord Shroud
Ghastly Creeper PumpkinLord Cape
Ghastly PumpkinLord Cape
PumpkinLord Creeper Vines
Tattered PumpkinLord Shroud
Vampire Cape
Cyber Cape Of Letherz
Red Cape
Elder King Wing
Ride The Lightning
Tentacle Cape
Chrono Fusion Cape
Evil Toaster of Love
Energy Parrot
Xin Xang Pet
Advanced Paragon Bank Pet
Vampire Dragon Bank
Revontheus Pet Of Letherz
Rawr-roth Morph
Bridal Guest Top Hat
OathKeeper Cowl
Dark Flaming Legion Skull
Dark Flaming Legion Skull
Demon Horn Helm Female
Mr. Red Naval Top Hat
Chaotic TimeMaster Hood
ChronoCorruptor Helm
Doge Birthday
Doge Crown
Doge Emperor
Doge Valor
EvoGuard of Ashes
Skull Legion Valoth Helm
CC Ichigo Mask
Cyber Hex Guard
Obey Cap
Rotting Naval Top Hat
Voltaire's Flaming Bearded Tophat
Tale Hair
Crushed Top Hat
Kenny Face
Paper Bag Head
Revontheus Aviators
Frosted Spikes
Fox Head Morph
Silent Sentinel Hood
Weaver Mage Hood
Weaver Mage Morph
DragonKing Warrior's Horned Armet
Dragonking Warrior's Armet
Dragonking Warrior's Faceplate
Neon caster Helm
Bubble Hair
Bubble Locks
Creeper Flame Jack Helm
Creeper Jack Helm
Evil Jack Helm
Field Guardian Hat
Flaming Jack Helm
Happy Jack o' Face
Helm of the Gourdian
Horns of the Shadow Vampire
Mummy Face
Royal Renegade Hair
Royal Renegade Locks
Shadow Hunter Hood
Sad Jack o' Face
Shadow Hunter’s Mask
Territorial Lion Morph
Trouble Hair
Trouble Locks
Vampire Masquerade Mask
Vampire Masquerade Mask and Locks
Veil of Bones Hood
Witch's Hat
Rock Scar Hair
Cyber Rev of Letherz
Hair Dark Heart Black
Troller Helm
Worshipper Face of Nulgath
Red Hunting Hood
Dark Heart Manly Locks Higth
Worshipper Visage of Nulgath
Webbed Crown CC
Ranger Hat
Navidad Helm
Artix's Scribble
Chaorrupted Light of Destiny
Supercharged CyberVoid Dagger +5
The Galaxcythe
Golden Talons of Roots
Talons Of Chaos
DragonKing Warrior's Blade and Shield
Lighting Orbs
Dual Paradox Awakening
Sace Of Coins
Putrid Meaty Club
Evolved Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Revontheus Spear
Nosferatu Clan Scythe
Eternity Blade
Golden Infused NullBlade
Skull Legion Blade of Valoth
(Danger)Unstable Demon Slayers
Void Blade of Vokun
Revontheus Sword (RARE)
Glowing Stone
Star Aqua Chaos Sword
Wooden Doomblade
Futuristc Caladbolg
Weapons Transformation
SpellSmith Blade
Sanctified Ragnarok
DragonKing Warrior's Blade
Vampire Katana
Blade of the Nosferatu
Twisted Blade of the Pumpkinlord
Vampire Masquerade Battle Parasol
Vampire Masquerade Umbrella
Shadow Commander Fiend Sword
Coleus Sanctus Sword
Shadow Phoenix Blade
Mia Khalifa Surf Board
Flaming Evil Wakizashi
Flaming Legion Samurai Blade
Vampire Masquerade Cane
Cyber Sword Of Letherz
SP Cupon
Fiend Token
Klunk Token
Archaicus bagged
Archaicus Anti bag
Archaicus Unamened Bag
Archaicus Died
Undead War Boss Medal
DarkLord Token
Essence of Nulgath
Adventure Coins
Gold sell
Soul Token

Castles & Houses

Floor Items

Gold: 1160749
Coins: 126123550
Kills: 481
Deaths: 337