tusk's Character Page




Haunted Umbrella
Nekoyasha Mane
Legion Backswords
Overfiend BackBlades of Nulgath
Shadow Of Dragon CC
Mana Aura
Key Cape DT
Shadow Hanzo Katana Cape
Force Marker
RevBlades Cape
NeoFiend Cape of Revontheus
Cryomancers Snowing Wrap
Fire Imp Tail
DOOMFire Guard Cape With Sword
EvoWings of Ashes
Platinum Wings
Skull Legion Cape
Dragon Phantasm
(Danger)Kaggy Cape
Necro Warpmancer Cape
Paragon Crimson Cape
Evolved Fiend Cape
Black Hole Cape
Cracked Egg Backpank
Formal Eternal Flame
Royal Eternal Flame
Big Pigasus
Doom Fire
Bag for the Naughty
Rev (Cape)
Smelly Flies
Oblivion Blade of Nulgath
Zorbak Bank Pet
Drudgen the Assistant
Floating Doge Head
Acid Orb
Bitterfrost DragonKhin
Armored Guardian Dragon Pet
Adventure Quest Baloon Dragon
Celestial Fire Dragon Pet
NaN Cat (Old)
Dont Kill Kenny Pet
Evil Toaster of Love
Rev (Pet)
Blue Block Head +1
Nulgath SoulWeaver Hood Horns
Nulgath SoulWeaver Hood
Ranger Helm
Ranger Helm
Ranger Helm
Ranger Helm
Dino Beradana
High Templar's Hood
Valor High
Lady's Infinity Tricorn
Artic DragonSlayer Helm
Elemental Summoner Long Locks
ChronoCorruptor Helm
Chaotic TimeMaster Hood
Fox Head Morph
Fiery Jack-O Face
Valor High Halo
Vamp Ringmaster Ultrahat Guy
Shadow Hanzo Void Horns
Void Paladin Horns
Shadow Z Hat
Doge Valor
Doge Birthday
Doge Emperor
Doge Crown
Horned Ravenlord Helm
Nulgath Commandre
Tomix The Bae
Iron Paladin Helm
Bright Keepers Hood
Cyber Queen Helm
Gravelyn's Champion Helm
EvoGuard of Ashes
CC Warlord Horns
Skull Legion Valoth Helm
Undead Octopus Captain Hat
Black Cursed Bandana
Death Naval Hat
Sasuke Hair
Mirror Revontheus Morph DT
Dire Monk Head
Paragon Crimson Hood
Evolved Fiend Helm
Advanced Caster
8-Bit Hermes Helm
Demon Empress Hair
Demon Valor High Priest
Icy Claws Hood
Zeke Battle Helm
Cali Roll Hat
Cyber Hex Guard
Obey Cap
Rotting Naval Top Hat
The Master's Hat
Kawaii Cut
Tale Hair
Voltaire's Flaming Bearded Tophat
Blood Samurai Crest
Crushed Top Hat
Drow Face
Ghostly Blanket
Hair Neko
Kenny Face
Paper Bag Head
Revontheus Aviators
Straw Hat
Frosted Spikes
Malani Warrior Turban
Well-Water Hair Helm
Abaddons Orb Weaver Axe
Axe of Ruin
Voltaire's Guitar
Formal Light of Destiny
Void Light of Destiny
Chaorrupted Light of Destiny
Ascended Light Of Destiny
Kroms Conquest
Platinun BLoD
Artix's Scribble
Golden Cyber Blinding Light of Destiny
Unholy Reaper of Miltonius
Dual Golden Spirit Rods
Supercharged CyberVoid Dagger +5
Dual Red Skull
The Galaxcythe
Shadowcat Pom Poms
Golden Talons of Roots
OctoPirate Rapier
Cyber Talons
Dual Golden Classic Star Sword
Dual Ragnarok
DUALLegionNavalBlueCursedCutlass DT
MiltonPoolPhoenixSword DT
Dual Card Clasher Blades
Destiny Dragon Blade
Hanzamune Light Sword
Evo Pain Saw New Dage Bday
Talons Of Chaos
Skull Bombs
Hammer of Cysero
Tree Stump
Barbed Club
Sace Of Coins
Doom Teddy
Evolved Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Red Skull
Red Flaming Pole
Revontheus Spear
Skull Cane
Ultra Zap Sword
Naval Reaper Black Flag
Yellow GlowStick
Violet GlowStick
Blue GlowStick
Void Vessel
Cane of Greed
Burning Blade
Arrows of Truth
Classic Star Sword Mechanical
Star Sword Mechanical
Paragon Star Sword
Champion Blades of Nulgath
Primal Dread Saw of Nulgath (Rare)
Sanguine Caladbolg
Eternity Blade
Blade of Destiny
Big 100K
Paragon StarWords
Bilada Sword
LEDragon Blade of Nulgath
Divine Blade
Earth Dragons Blade
Galaxy Dragons Blade
Nature Dragons Blade
Fire Dragons Blade
Earth Dragons Head
Gravelyn's Champion Claymore
DOOMFire Spear
Evolved Blade of Ashes
Golden Infused NullBlade
Skull Legion Blade of Valoth
B'Naner Blade
Golden Classic Star Sword
Voltaire's Rapier
(Exclusive)Evolved Kaggy Starsword
(Danger)Unstable Demon Slayers
Bankai Do Creitin
Void Blade of Vokun
Golden DeathSaw
Guardian ChainSaw
Dark BoneBreaker Sword
DragonBlade White
8-Bit Oblivion Blade
Blade of Purification
Revontheus Sword (RARE)
Glowing Stone
Laser Ragnarok + 20
Star Aqua Chaos Sword
Wooden Doomblade
Weapons Transformation
SP3D Tech Demo StarSword
Futuristc Caladbolg
Burning Freeze
SpellSmith Blade
Outshined Soul Mender
Sanctified Ragnarok
Fiend Token
Klunk Token
Essence of Nulgath
Shadow Legalacy
Pirate Token
SP Cupon
Unidentified 13
Totem of Nulgath
Voucher of Nulgath (Non-Mem)
Unidentified 10
DarkLord Token
Slain Excastle
Archaicus bagged
Archaicus Anti bag
Archaicus Unamened Bag
Unknow Threeat
Archaicus Died
Undead War Boss Medal
Fragment of Crystal
Makai Token of Nulgath
Archer Created!
Wood Arcane Token
Get The Stone Class
Feast Food Token
Undead Minion Blood
Feast Token
Undead Ressurection
Mirror Token
Hanzo Cleared
Golden Nulgath
Nulgath Approval
Blood of Klunk
Reputation Boost (20 min)

Classes & Armors

Lich (Rank 1)
Warrior (Rank 3)
Nulgath SoulWeaver (Rank 10)
NOT A MOD (Rank 1)
Horc Grunt (Rank 1)
Legion DoomKnight (Rank 7)
Mystic Ninja (Rank 1)
Dark Blood (Rank 1)
DoomLord (Rank 1)
Artifact Hunter (Rank 1)
Rogue (Rare) (Rank 1)
Sage (Rank 1)
Bandit (Rank 1)
Chaos Slayer Thief (Rank 1)
Iron Bones (Rank 1)
BattleMage (Rank 1)
Arachnomancer (Rank 1)
Abyssal Fiend (Rank 10)
TimeKiller (Rank 1)
No Class (Rank 6)
Blood Ancient (Rank 5)
Neon Asgardian (Rank 6)
Asgardian (Rank 9)
AquaKnight (Rank 10)
Arcane StoneCrusher (Rank 10)
Black Knight (Rank 10)
Doom Lord (Rank 7)
The Master Collector (Rank 1)
Potato sack
Fiend Claw Suit
Souleater Warrior
Nulgath SoulWeaver
Red Ranger
Blue Ranger
Golden Warlord
Yellow Ranger
J6 West Outfit
Tsukumo-Gami Morph
Yokai Kimono
Tanuki Morph
Pandy Hoodie
Flying Bacon
Noxious Symbiote
Toxic Symbiote
Death Espector'>
Death Espector
Chaotic TimeMaster
Xan's Robes
Gladiador of Fire
Artic DragonSlayer
Black J6
Void Paladin
Shadow Hanzo Void
Saga Hunter
BETA Prismatic Composer Armor
8 Track Flashback Armor
Explorer Naval Commander
Hate Weaver
White Witch and Warlock
Iron Paladin
Divine Naval
Divine Warrior
Divine Rogue
Zeds Minion
CC Divine Mage
WardKeepers Armor
Gravelyn's Champion
Evolved Blood of Ashes
Evolved Naval Commander
Skull Legion Valoth Armor
Dark Bard
Undead OctoPirate
Death Naval Commander
Cysero Armor
Neon Caster
Sasuke Armor
Paragon Naval Commander
DoomKnight Naval Commander
Chrono Naval Commander
Brilliant Naval Commander
Dire Monk
(Test)Christmas Naval
Revamped Blade Master
Bianca Naval Commander
Paragon Crimson
Evolved Fiend of Nulgath
Black Captains Uniform
Formal Revontheus DT
Black ninja
Earth Shaman
Nocturan Acolyte
Mammoth Team
Golden Warrior Beta
Coat of Midnight
Ebil Dread Paladin
Love Caster
Black Beleen Armor
Cyber Hex (M)
Cyber Hex (F)
Golden Shadow of Nulgath
Mechanical Naval Commander
Phantom Naval Commander
Revontheus (RARE)
Rotting Naval Commander
Royal Naval Commander
Legendary Naval Commander
CC Blood Of Nulgath
Blood Samurai
Coolest Invisible Ninja
Casual Suit Black
Golden Cyber Paladin (Male Only)
King Klunk Follower
The Loop Armor
Black Leprechaun
Crows Team
Dreadful Victorian Garb
Dream Slayer
Elegant Victorian Garb
Steampunk Clawsuit
Casual Otaku Armor
Deer Morph
Defiled Royalty
Elegant Gothic Valentine
Erfrierung Armor
Erfrierung Golden Armor
Malani Warrior
X-Mas Mayor
Gothic Pirate Captain
Celtic Disaster

Castles & Houses

Castles & Houses

Wall Items

Floor Items

Gold: 92351380
Coins: 1383912
Kills: 129
Deaths: 85