Aurel's Character Page




Shadow Of Dragon CC
Haunted Umbrella
Prismatic Eternal Flame
BrightOak Avenger Sword Cape
Celestial Avenger Cape
Celestial Avenger Sword Cape
Key Cape DT
Nekoyasha Mane
Grand Inquisitor's Cloak
Valkyrie of Heroism
Great Spirit of Heroism
Paragon Cape
Pinkest Platinum Wings
Mana Aura
Shadow Hanzo Katana Cape
NeoFiend Cape of Revontheus
Force Marker
7 Tail Fox
Cryomancers Snowing Wrap
Cracked Egg Backpank
Redemption Wings
Icy Eternal Flame
Royal Centurion Cape
Enchanted Attendant Cape
RevBlades Cape
EvoWings of Ashes
Platinum Wings
Fire Imp Tail
Cyberfiend Cloak
(Danger)Kaggy Cape
Chevalier Wings
Chaos Pirate Quibble Bank Pet
Evolved Shadow Orb of Nulgath
Dage the Sneevil
Thanatos Paragon Pet
Drudgen the Assistant
Floating Doge Head
Acid Orb
Bitterfrost DragonKhin
Celestial Fire Dragon Pet
Rev (Pet)
Rawr-roth Morph
Fox Head Morph
Galactic Captain's Elegant Hat
Bridal Guest Top Hat
BrightOak Avenger Hair
Celestial Avenger Hair
BrightOak Avenger Female Helm
BrightOak Avenger Male Helm
Celestial Avenger Female Helm
Celestial Avenger Male Helm
Dark Heart Manly Locks Higth
Troller Helm
Gladiador of Fire Helm
Red Hunting Hood
Worshipper Face of Nulgath
Sage Eyewrap
Grand Inquisitor's Helm
Female Hero's Soul Helm
Blue Block Head +1
Male Hero's Soul Helm
Evolved Shadow Horns of Nulgath
Nulgath SoulWeaver Hood
Nulgath SoulWeaver Hood Horns
Ranger Helm
Ranger Helm
Ranger Helm
Ranger Helm
Paragon Helm CC
Valor High
Arcane StoneCrusher Monster Mask
Mr. Red Naval Top Hat
NOTruto Hair
Ryoku Hair
Chaotic TimeMaster Hood
ChronoCorruptor Helm
Elemental Summoner Long Locks
Shadow Hanzo Void Horns
Shadow Z Hat
Doge Birthday
Doge Crown
Doge Emperor
Doge Valor
Nulgath Commandre
Tomix The Bae
Bright Keepers Hood
Arachnid-man Mask
Demon Horn Helm Female
Royal Crested Centurion Helm
Demon Horn Helm Male
EvoGuard of Ashes
Fucking Horse
CC Warlord Horns
Horned Ravenlord Helm
Undead Octopus Captain Hat
Advanced Caster
8-Bit Hermes Helm
Frosted Spikes
Neon caster Helm
Voltaire's Guitar
Golden Koala Guitar
Dark BLoD
Chaorrupted Light of Destiny
Void Light of Destiny
Ascended Light Of Destiny
NOTruto Chakram
Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath
Mythic DragonMaster Orbs
The Galaxcythe
Shadowcat Pom Poms
DOOMFire Accoutrements
Golden Talons of Roots
Lighting Orbs
Ryoku\'s Soul Nuke
Putrid Meaty Club
Evolved Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Legion DroomBringer Polearm
Royal Centurion Pike
Red Flaming Pole
Staff of Malachite
Blue GlowStick
Yellow GlowStick
Violet GlowStick
Legion Soul Vessel
Void Vessel
Hydra Blade
BrightOak Avenger Sword
Celestial Avenger Sword
Celestial Avenger Thunder Sword
Dracolich Bow
Blade of Destiny
Barbed Horror
Dragon Saw
Venom Head
Platinum Star Sword
Golden Star Sword
DoomKnight Naval Sword
Eternity Blade
LEDragon Blade of Nulgath
Divine Blade
Fire Dragons Blade
Nature Dragons Blade
Galaxy Dragons Blade
Evolved Blade of Ashes
Taro Dead Sword
(Danger)Unstable Demon Slayers
Bankai Do Creitin
SP Cupon
Essence of Nulgath
Fiend Token
Klunk Token
Shadow Legalacy
Dragon Pecatio's
Le Chocolat
Chocolate Solidus
Ultra Phedra Token
Solid Gold Coin
Dage Dark Paladin V1
Legion Token
Prometheus Bad
Bruiser Burtuck Token
Diamond of Nulgath
Unidentified 13
Totem of Nulgath
Voucher of Nulgath
Gem of Nulgath
Tainted Gem
Dark Crystal Shard
Unknow Threeat
Feast Token
Feast Food Token
Undead Minion Blood
Get The Stone Class
Pirate Token
Wood Arcane Token
Skeletal's Medal
Knight Token
Undead War Boss Medal

Classes & Armors

Warrior (Rank 1)
Gravefang (Rank 6)
Arachnomancer (Rank 7)
DoomLord (Rank 1)
Legion DoomKnight (Rank 10)
Pirate Smuggler (Rank 5)
Chaos Slayer Thief (Rank 4)
Nulgath SoulWeaver (Rank 6)
Legion Paladin (Rank 7)
Arcane StoneCrusher (Rank 10)
No Class (Rank 1)
King Pumpkin Lord (Rank 1)
Formal Vigilante
Winters Dark Equinox
Undead Bride and Groom
Galactic Pirate Captain
Tanuki Morph
Yokai Kimono
Tsukumo-Gami Morph
Celestial Avenger
BrightOak Avenger
Cheer Bringer
Cybernetic Acolyte
EBILCORP Executive
Worshipper of Nulgath
Gladiador of Fire
Pandy Hoodie
Captain's Armor
Void Naval Commander
Elemental Naval Commander
Blazing Naval Commander
Platinum Naval Commander
Soul of Hero
Blue Ranger
Potato sack
Evolved Shadow of Nulgath
Nulgath SoulWeaver
J6 West Outfit
Red Ranger
Yellow Ranger
Legion Hunter
Undead Champion
Legion Fighter
Legion Evolved Dark Caster
Paragon Plate CC
Dark Paladin Gold
Legion Dead Warrior
Legion Nightmare
Legion Frost Warlord
Legion Obsidian Assassin
Legion ProtoParagonX1
Legion Priest
Legion Titan
Legion Raven
Ultimate Lich King
Undead Infantry.
Undead Death Guard
Skull Seeker
Flying Bacon
Barbaric Tribesman
Toxic Symbiote
NOTruto Garb
ILusion Naval Commander
Chaotic TimeMaster
Nautican Knight
Shadow Hanzo Void
Saga Hunter
8 Track Flashback Armor
White Witch and Warlock
Hate Weaver
Nevanna Armor
Explorer Naval Commander
WardKeepers Armor
Divine Rogue
Divine Naval
Enchanted Attendant
Royal Centurion
CC Divine Mage
Evolved Blood of Ashes
Undead OctoPirate
Christmas Naval
Revamped Blade Master
Black Leprechaun
Crows Team
Elegant Victorian Garb
Casual Otaku Armor
Defiled Royalty
X-Mas Mayor
Erfrierung Golden Armor
Erfrierung Armor
Frozen Royalty

Castles & Houses

Castles & Houses


Wall Items

Gold: 0
Coins: 1249196
Kills: 173
Deaths: 23