Athena's Character Page




Dragon Phantasm
Dread Gryphon Wings
Ultra Fire Orb
Shadow Hanzo Katana Cape
Pumpkin Vine Cape
Black Red Blade Cape
Vampire Cape
Cursed Mana Spirit
Void DragonGuard Wrap
Shadow Of Dragon CC
Arcane Dark Caster Bats
Fiend Cloak of Nulgath
Bonechilling Shadows Wrap
Creeper PumpkinLord Shroud
Ghastly Creeper PumpkinLord Cape
Ghastly PumpkinLord Cape
PumpkinLord Creeper Vines
Tattered PumpkinLord Shroud
Elder King Wing
Nulgath Bike
Caladbolg Bank Pet
Golden Hanzo Katana BattlePet
Mini Rhino Beetle
Dark Frogzard
Mini Tanuki
Bootleg Deady
Chuckles Skull
Drudgen the Assistant
Zorbak Bank Pet
White Tiger
Twilly Bank Pet
Energy Parrot
White Chibi Tiger
Oblivion of Nulgath
Moglin Wallace
Crag & Bamboozle
Bitterfrost DragonKhin
Bird Paradise Pet
Celestial Fire Dragon Pet
Shadow Chomper
Undead Moglin Pet
Clockwork Sentry
Oblivion of Nulgath
Revontheus Pet Of Letherz
Vamp Ringmaster Ultrahat Guy
Void Paladin Horns
Arachnid-man Mask
Malani Warrior Turban
Field Guardian Hat
Crimson Scourge Hood
Nation SoulStealer Horned Hood
Cyber Dryad Locks
Evolved Fiend Helm
Brutalcorn ToInfinity And Beyond
Troller Helm
Chaotic TimeMaster Hood
Hair-raising Helm
Dreadfiend Face of Nulgath
Brown Paragon Helm
Arcane Dark Caster Scarf Locks
Arcane Dark Caster Skull
Liofang Top Hat
Bridal Guest Top Hat
Male Florid Topper
Golden Hex Mask of Roots
Arcane StoneCrusher Monster Mask
Ranger Helm
Grand Inquisitor's Helm
Goku Ssj Blue Hair
Fallen's Ichigo Hollow Mode
Bright Keepers Hood
Blue Block Head +1
OverSoul Cleric Hair
Paragon Crimson Hood
Prometheus Armet
BrightOak Avenger Female Helm
Sapphire Northlands Hat
CyberFiend Face
Frosted Spikes
Ghostly Blanket
Ranger Helm
ChronoCorruptor Helm
Assasin of Nulgath Hood
Advanced Caster
Rawr-roth Morph
Dire Monk Head
MinoTiger Morph Helm
Crushed Top Hat
Horned Ravenlord Helm
Blood Samurai Crest
Dark Flaming Legion Skull
Cyber Queen Helm
Drow Face
Kind of Brave Hair
8-Bit Hermes Helm
Cyber DoomKnight Helm
Blood Fiend of Nulgath Helm
Cyber Hex Guard
Worshipper Visage of Nulgath
Fear's Head
Weaver Mage Hood
Gravelyn's Champion Helm
Prometheus Guard
DOOMFire Guard Horned Helm
Chaos DragonMaster Faceplate
Blaze Mage Hair
Blade Warrior Head Unit
DOOMFire Guard Helm
Cyber King Helm
Ranger Helm
Death Naval Hat
Weaver Mage Morph
Hood of Nulgath
Rotting Naval Top Hat
Blaze Mage Locks
Mystical Warrior Coif
Iron Paladin Helm
Worshipper Face of Nulgath
Well-Water Hair Helm
NOTruto Hair
Rage Armed
Voltaire's Flaming Bearded Tophat
Black Cursed Bandana
Undead Goat Morph
Ryoku Hair
Fiery Jack-O Face
Dark Flaming Legion Skull
Alpha Male Fox Head Morph
Happy Jack o' Face
Mummy Face
Fox Head Morph
Zeke Battle Helm
Shadow Hanzo Void Horns
Triple Rainbows
Ranger Helm
Undead Octopus Captain Hat
Tobi Mask
Dark Caster Helm
Skull Legion Valoth Helm
Sad Jack o' Face
Territorial Lion Morph
Pumkin Helm
Spprigan Hood
Spiked Guard's Helm
Vampire Masquerade Mask and Locks
Vampire Masquerade Mask
Veil of Bones Hood
Bubble Locks
Bubble Hair
Creeper Flame Jack Helm
Creeper Jack Helm
Evil Jack Helm
Flaming Jack Helm
Horns of the Shadow Vampire
Royal Renegade Locks
Shadow Hunter’s Mask
Trouble Hair
Trouble Locks
Artix's Scribble
Axe of Nulgath Drii
Axe of Ruin
OctoPirate Rapier
Golden Talons of Roots
MiltonPoolPhoenixSword DT
Evolved Fiend Talons
Assasin Of Nulgath Dual
DUALLegionNavalBlueCursedCutlass DT
Light Defender Spear
Dual Golden Spirit Rods
Iron Scythe of Nulgath
Shadowcat Pom Poms
Dual Sky Curse Red
Necro Warpmancer
NOTruto Chakram
Skull Bombs
Mythic DragonMaster Orbs
Fallen LegionClaw SP
Cyber Dryad Glaives
DOOMFire Accoutrements
Lighting Orbs
Blinding Daggers of Destiny
Dual Underfriend Blade of Nulgath
Caladbolg of Koala
Void FangDragon's Blade's
Godly Mace of the Ancients
Barbed Club
(Void)Rusa\'s Revenge
Red Flaming Pole
Golden Dragon Spear
Chaos DragonMaster Scythe
Royal Centurion Pike
Scyth Of DeathLord
Ascended Raziel
Archer Scyth
Ultra Zap Sword
Revontheus Spear
Jake O Stave
Lance Dragon Blade of Nulgath
Lesser BloodBeacon of Nulgath
Year of Chemistry Staff
Golden Focus Staff of Roots
Harnessed Cat's Eye
Wand Of Petronum
Barbed Horror
DOOMFire Spear
Golden Caladbolg
Golden Infused NullBlade
Weapons Transformation
Golden Star Sword
Dragon Saw
Chaonslaught Blade
DragonBlade White
4st Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
8-Bit Oblivion Blade
Vampire Blade of Nulgath
Blinding Blade of Destiny
BattleStaff of the Ravenlord
Battleblade of the Necromancer
Arrows of Truth
Big 100K
Blue Hanzo Katana
Akriloths Oblivion Blade
Black Good Vampire Blade
Dark BoneBreaker Sword
Divine Blade
Blade of Destiny
Loyalty Blade of Nation
Guardian ChainSaw
Half~Dragon Berry Mug
Venom Head
Cyber Dark Dragon's Rage
Blinding Broadsword of Destiny
Dark Oblivion Blade of Nulgath
Blade Of Infinite Nightmares
Dragon Fire ;-;
J6's Handguns
Blade of Purification
Blade of Affliction
Manslayer of Taro
Red Hanzo Katana
Burning Blade Of Abezeth
Void Blade of Vokun
Bright Caladbolg
OverFiend Blade Of Accer
Blue Hanzo Void Sword
Skull Legion Blade of Valoth
Pumkin Star Sword
Void DragonFang Blade
Vampire Masquerade Cane
Dark Crystal Shard
Versitiles Token of Graditude
God's Soul
Fiend Token
Fiend Death of Nulgath
Slain Excastle
Archaicus bagged
Archaicus Anti bag
Archaicus Unamened Bag
Archaicus Died
Diamond of Nulgath
Klunk Token
Chaos Class token
Voltaire Orb Chaos
SP Cupon
Gem of Nulgath
Tainted Gem
Voucher of Nulgath
Unidentified 13
Totem of Nulgath
Water of Life
Gold sell
Feast Token
Feast Food Token
Ungodly Tier
Pirate Token
Shadow Legalacy
Evil Alliance Contract

Castles & Houses

Castles & Houses

Dage's House
Vampire Lord Castle

Wall Items

Floor Items

Gold: 4690164
Coins: 241056
Kills: 182
Deaths: 102